Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello everyone. I have never blogged or even tried and let me tell you it is a lot harder than I thought it would be! But let me start with a little introduction to me! My name is Chelsy! I just graduated from a close by university with my bachelors in fine arts.. art is my passion, I live for creativity and I love to challenge myself in making different pieces of art with whatever I can get my hands on. I graduated a little over a month ago, and I am totally BURNED out of the typical drawing, sculpting, and painting. I found a new love COOKING. Healthy cooking that is for the most part. A week before Christmas 2013 I decided I needed a change in my life and I needed to start taking care of myself. After going through many diets, and diet fads I have decided to give good old weight watchers a try again! SO happy that I have gotten back in the swing of the way this diet works. I also have a lot of time on my hands since graduating so I have decided to challenge myself to making more healthy foods for swaps of what I used to eat. So please if you took the time to read this, and look through my blog, I hope you understand that I am not great at writing, I would rather take pictures. ;) I hope you all like my recipes and hopefully soon I will have more DIYs of crafts and art pieces that I love to make.

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